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Beta Testing

GrantClark209 Founder posted Mar 24, 14
We have officially opened our Crafting Dead Cure server for public testing. Note that this is a testing for GlobalCreeper members and any of your friends. To join, follow these directions:

1) Download the Technic Launcher here:
2) Open the launcher and scroll along the left-hand side until you see "Add New Pack"
3) Click it and paste into the box.
4) Click add modpack and download the pack.
5) Once that is done, click multiplayer and add to the list and connect.

Crafting Dead Server:

GrantClark209 Founder That may be worth getting into at a later date.
3rdWorldGaming Member Vanilla server plz
tommy91 Admin That may be somthing we add down the line

IP Change

GrantClark209 Founder posted Mar 19, 14
So we have decided to change the IP of the Direwolf Server once again. I know it's a hassle, but by doing this, we can allow people to do lucky voting and get the rewards found here: The IP for monster will stay the same until further notice, as we should not need to change it. Thank you all for your understanding.

Direwolf Server IP: -- v1.0.18

Monster Server IP: -- v1.1.0

These changes will take effect within a few minutes of this being posted. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Server News and Changes

GrantClark209 Founder posted Mar 19, 14
Hello all members of GlobalCreeper. I would like to explain to you the changes that will be happening shortly as I would like to put these changes into effect ASAP. But first, what we have accomplished the past few days. We have set up a new server on the Crafting Dead (IP available soon), set up a WAY better voting system, and also removed towny from both servers due to a "Spazzing" effect for some of our clients. The Crafting Dead server will be completely public soon. The new voting system allows us to make "lucky voting" where you have a 1 in (#) chance to get the items listed. The list of items for this can be found here, along with your chances, however this is for the Monster Server only, and Direwolf will be the same list, save for the items that are exclusive to Monster, Now, we have plans, and we intend to get them done ASAP if we go through with them. Our plans include listing us on 5 voting websites (at least) (Will be done), possibly making a Pixelmon 3 server, and doing a remodel of the website. That is all, but comment on this is you want a Pixelmon 3 server on GlobalCreeper!

- Grant Clark (GlobalCreeper Founder)
snake1013 Member Pixelmon? YES.
Empyrean_God Member Yus to pixelmon! being meaning to start it for ages!

More Server Changes

GrantClark209 Founder posted Mar 10, 14
So it seems we are having more problems with the Direwolf server and here's what we are going to do. I have decided it is time for a map reset as the map has been there for a fairly long time and as we are having problems, it is better to do it now than later. Now, I believe the problem that we are having is an issue with player connecting to the server, so we will be resetting .dats as well. Note that this is a Direwolf server issue and this will not be happening to the Monster server. We will also be possibly changing ips once again (sorry for the inconvenience), but that will be announced later. There will be a map upload and a link to the map on the "Map" tab in the toolbar. Thanks for your understanding and I hope this does not cause too many of you valued players to leave.

- Grant Clark (GlobalCreeper Founder)

Server Changes

GrantClark209 Founder posted Mar 8, 14
We have the Monster Server up and running on version 1.1.0 now, which will be the recommended version on Monday, but we are still having issues on the Direwolf Server. We are going to have to reset the map unfortunately, but I will keep a backup of the world and upload it for those who want to download it. Sorry for this, but it seems we have no choice as we are having problems with codechicken multiparts. I will look into the issue to try and keep the map, but as it stands, we may have to reset the map. Thanks for your understanding and I will post regular updates on twitter to keep you guys in touch.

- Grant Clark (GlobalCreeper Founder)
tommy91 Admin Its also a problem with Player.dat
Empyrean_God Member You could always set up a massive storage system, and we can all get storage space each. Right after I build my amazing ...
tyler24668 Member I agree, keep inventories, PLEASE!
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