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What can we do better

GrantClark209 Founder posted Sep 23, 14
So I have noticed, even with our re-listing, that we don't have many players, if at all, on the server. Now's the time to let us know what we can do better so that more player will join and enjoy our server! And don't be afraid to be criticize people, we appreciate constructive criticism. Thanks all!

- Grant Clark (GlobalCreeper Founder)
showater Member get ts3 working?

Introducing GlobalCreeper 3.0!

GrantClark209 Founder posted Sep 17, 14
That is right ladies and gentlemen, we are making a big leap in terms of our network, and we have decided to call it GlobalCreeper 3.0! But what does this mean? What will be changing? Well, here's a list of ALL changes we have made so far, along with changes we plan to make!

- BuyShop has been FINISHED! The BuyShop within the "/shop" menu has been a largely requested feature to be finished along with the SellShop. Unfortunately, the SellShop will take a bit longer to complete, but hopefully it will be done soon.

- Custom Plugins!!! We have installed and configured two custom plugins on our server. What do that do you ask? Well, with these plugins, you will be eligible to acquire "redeem tokens" for certain groups of pokemon. Perhaps you get a shiny redeem token, by doing "/redeem shiny" you will be given a random shiny pokemon from the available pokemon within pixelmon! The other plugin, is a ranking system. By playing on the server for 1 hour and 30 minutes, you will gain a "point" and a [value] suffix after your name in grey, which represents your current level and the "value" within brackets is a number. Every 5 points, you will reach a checkpoint and receieve awesome bonuses! List of bonuses here: This also ties into new donation perks, but those will be explained later.

- Safari Zone! We have created a custom Safari Zone for you guys to join! There will be TRIPLE spawn rates and legendaries will spawn TWICE as often. Unfortunately this region has not been set up yet, but we will have it up soon hopefully, once we get another custom plugin to do our biddings. 

- Referrals! We have a new plugin for our referral program! Do "/generatecode <customname>" to make a referral code or do "/help referrals" to see a full list of referral commands. When you friend joins the server, make sure he enters your code! Everytime someone uses your code, you get $1000 and so does your friend. Your friend will also be rewarded with a gift box that he can break and get a random item (once placed on the ground). For those who refer your friends, at 5 people, you will get a Shiny Redeem Token, at 10, a Shiny Starter Redeem Token, at 15, a Legendary Redeem Token, and finally, at 20, a Shiny Legendary Redeem Token. These rewards are HUGE, so tolerance of people coaching people into using their code rather than referring people will be punished and those who turn someone in for doing so, will receive a 2x Bonus for 1 Day (Note you will need a screenshot as proof).

- New IP! We have officially changed from to either or! With this, we will also be creating a new voting web link for Pixelmon Servers.

- Voting! We will be bringing back Monthly Voting Rewards. Each month, the top 5 voters will be rewarded as such:

1st: Legendary Of Their Choice
2nd: Legendary Redeem Token
3rd: Shiny Starter Redeem Token
4th: Shiny Redeem Token
5th: 5 Gift Boxes

So that is all for this update, but what's to come??? Well, we have a few things planned. We will be scheduling Official Pokemon Tournaments held every Saturday and Sunday, Saturday will be a 1v1 Battle and Sunday will be 2v2 Battles. The winner of each tournament will be rewarded with a prize yet to be determined (leave comments below for suggestions). We will also debut soon with out Yogscast Complete Server shortly as a few kinks are worked though.

If you have any suggestions, ideas, or complaints, please leave a comment below explaining what is it and we will try to respond to you ASAP. Thanks everyone, especially those who have been with us through the rough. We appreciate all of your support!

- Grant Clark (GlobalCreeper Founder)

Pixelmon server update to 3.2.8!

ppatches24 Server-Owner posted Sep 13, 14
We are updating the server to pixelmon version 3.2.8! You can get the updated pixelmon including a few extra helpful mods from our technic mod pack here: If not just download 3.2.8 - 1.7.10 - Final from:

There will be NO map reset and you WILL keep all your pokemon!

More Changes

GrantClark209 Founder posted Sep 6, 14
We have decided that it would be in the best interest of the server to disable the use of BungeeCord and the Hub at least until a stable version has been released. This should fix a lot of our crashing and will hopefully allow more players to connect to our server. Thanks everyone and it may also be good to note that both and will not work to connect to our server.

- Grant Clark (GlobalCreeper Founder)
GrantClark209 Founder Please do not question what I have said to be true. I know you are knowledgeable but I have looked into the issue and ev ...
GrantClark209 Founder This version of BungeeCord is unstable, yes. Before this version, Bungee was compatible with Forge, but since 1.7, it is ...
mocfunky Member are you saying bungeecord is unstable? cause its very very stable. all those servers with 1k+ ppl use it bra

Connecting to Pixelmon

GrantClark209 Founder posted Aug 30, 14
Please use either or from now on. Thank you.

- Grant Clark (GlobalCreeper Founder)
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