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What can we do better?

GrantClark209 Founder posted Mon at 18:09
It is hard not to notice the lack of players joining our server, and I cannot help but ask myself why. Well, I'm not sure the answer to this, but maybe you guys can help. What can we do to improve our service? We would like to get a stead 20 players on, but we can hardly get 5. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

- Grant Clark (GlobalCreeper Founder)

KingHanninator Member you could do 50 instead of 100 you could also ask a youtuber to play on your server

Pixelmon Update to v3.2.3!

GrantClark209 Founder posted Thu at 17:39
Yes that is right ladies and gentlemen, we are FINALLY updating to version 3.2.3 of Pixelmon! What's new? Well check and check the change logs between 3.1.4 and 3.2.3. What does this mean for GlobalCreeper? Well we will have:
This is all great news for GlobalCreeper and hopefully this is great news for you as well. Thanks for playing and we are expecting to be up withing 30-45 minutes from now. Thanks everyone!

Technic Pack API:

- Grant Clark (GlobalCreeper Founder)
henzlova Member CLAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRKKKKKKK i cant join!
It's finally here! We are finally re-introducing the Referral Program to GlobalCreeper! For those who do not know how this works or maybe needs the guidelines for this server, what basically happens is that you refer people to the server, and you will gain money to spend on the website shop! For referring 5 players, you will get $5 off of the shop, 10 players to get $10 off the shop, and $20 for getting 15 players on our server! Note that these MUST be unique players and we will be checking for such requirements. After you have referred someone, make a forum post under General Discussion and title it Referral. You must provide the names of the people you referred and they must comment on your post saying, "This person referred me" or something of the sort.

Next up is DONATIONS! Very soon, we will have donations up that feature /fly, /pokeheal, or even legendaries! Just hold tight as we get a custom plugin for our server ans we'll be all set. Check back here to catch the update when it rolls out! 

Thanks Guys!
- Grant Clark (GlobalCreeper Founder)
Attention all GlobalCreeper Members, we have downgraded our Pixelmon server to v3.1.4 as there are too many bugs in the latest version. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Update to Pixelmon v3.2.2!

GrantClark209 Founder posted Aug 2, 14
The newest update for Pixelmon is HERE! We as a community have decided we will update to this version ASAP! Now that time has come. We have done testing for a day now and we have finally been able to deduce that ALL PLAYER DATE, POKEMON, AND WORLD FILES WILL BE SAVED. This is great news for us at GlobalCreeper and we hope it is good news for you too. We will be updating the server at about 1:30 PST (GMT -8:00).

How do I connect?
There are two ways to connect to our Pixelmon v3.2.2 server: Technic Launcher or Manual Minecraft Install. For the manual minecraft install, please refer to the Pixelmon website: and follow the directions at the bottom of the page. 

But for an easier install, do the following:

1) Download the Technic Launcher here:
2) Open the launcher and scroll along the left-hand side until you see "Add New Pack"
3) Click it and paste into the box.
4) Click add modpack and download the pack.
5) Once that is done, click multiplayer and add to the list and connect.
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