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Pixelmon server update to 3.2.8!

ppatches24 Server-Owner posted 24 hours ago
We are updating the server to pixelmon version 3.2.8! You can get the updated pixelmon including a few extra helpful mods from our technic mod pack here: If not just download 3.2.8 - 1.7.10 - Final from:

There will be NO map reset and you WILL keep all your pokemon!

More Changes

GrantClark209 Founder posted Sep 6, 14
We have decided that it would be in the best interest of the server to disable the use of BungeeCord and the Hub at least until a stable version has been released. This should fix a lot of our crashing and will hopefully allow more players to connect to our server. Thanks everyone and it may also be good to note that both and will not work to connect to our server.

- Grant Clark (GlobalCreeper Founder)
GrantClark209 Founder Please do not question what I have said to be true. I know you are knowledgeable but I have looked into the issue and ev ...
GrantClark209 Founder This version of BungeeCord is unstable, yes. Before this version, Bungee was compatible with Forge, but since 1.7, it is ...
mocfunky Member are you saying bungeecord is unstable? cause its very very stable. all those servers with 1k+ ppl use it bra

Connecting to Pixelmon

GrantClark209 Founder posted Aug 30, 14
Please use either or from now on. Thank you.

- Grant Clark (GlobalCreeper Founder)

Big Changes and Future Plans

GrantClark209 Founder posted Aug 30, 14
We have FINALLY come across a version of BungeeCord that supports Forge in 1.7.10! This has a good side and a bad side. The good news is that we can finally use our hub! Bad news is, you will either need to update your forge, or use our specific modpack, which provides you with the correct forge along with extra client-side mods you may want. Note that ALL PLAYER DATA WILL BE SAVED! No need to fret about your data. We make sure that your progress and your time on our server is not put to waste and we will keep this at our utmost priority.

What changes are coming to GlobalCreeper?
- Introduction of BungeeCord
- Hub Server
- Update to Pixelmon v3.2.6

What are we planning for the future of GlobalCreeper?
- Pixelmon Safari Zone
- Dynamic In-Game Shop
- New Donation Ranks
- Fancy New Custom Plugins (Configuring Currently)
- Pokemon Tournaments

(NOTE: To update to Pixelmon v3.2.6, you will need a new version of Forge. Download your version of Forge from or use our technic pack from )

Thanks again everyone!
- Grant Clark (GlobalCreeper Founder)
ppatches24 Server-Owner
danny4421 Member thx*
danny4421 Member lot grant i posted the link in the shoutbox so other people can find out ...

Update to v3.2.5

GrantClark209 Founder posted Aug 24, 14
As there were some bugs within Pixelmon 3.2.4, the mod authors have come out with a new bug fixes including the bug where trainers and such will escape (now a config option). We have updated and have our own technic pack for you guys to download. Our technic pack feature the Pixelmon version you will need to connect to our server(s) and other helpful client-side mods, which can be disabled to your liking.

Thanks everyone!
- Grant Clark (GlobalCreeper Founder)
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