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Pixelmon Beta Testing

GrantClark209 Founder posted Jul 16, 14
It's official! Pixelmon is now up for beta testing. Currently only the Hub and Survival worlds are open and the Hub is still under construction. A great feature that I myself was the one that allows pokemon and inventories to be read by multiple servers and multiple servers can write to that file. In other words, if you go onto the Survival world, and play there, if you go to the Kanto region, your inventory and pokemon will transfer over! 

Download Pixelmon by:
1) Download the Technic Launcher here:
2) Open the launcher and scroll along the left-hand side until you see "Add New Pack"
3) Click it and paste into the box.
4) Click add modpack and download the pack.
5) Once that is done, click multiplayer and add to the list and connect.

Things we still have to do:
- Finish the Hub
- Finish Kanto Region
- Enable Kanto Portal
- Finish the Hub Dock

Also, for a limited time only, you may use the coupon code BETATESTER to get 15% off of your purchases!

Thanks Everyone for your continued support!

- Grant Clark (GlobalCreeper Founder)

Back to Business

GrantClark209 Founder posted Jul 11, 14
As you all may or may not know, I have been absent quite a bit in the fast few weeks, partially due to volunteer work at my local zoo, as well as exploratory classes at the nearby college. That being said, I will not make any excuses for my absence as these servers are my responsibility and I cannot leave them not cared for without any notice. Now, moving forward, we will be taking down all current servers and replacing them with the Pixelmon, Yogscast Complete, and Terrafirmacraft server. The current maps will be deleted as saving them will not only take up precious storage in our system, but uploading all of the maps will be a TREMENDOUS waste of time on our part, and we would be stuck waiting for said files to download then re-upload when we could be working on something much more important. We apologize for any lost progress or work, but it must be done to move forward. Thanks everyone, and we will try our best to get these servers out ASAP.
GrantClark209 Founder If you want your base and or .dat file, contact TheGamingGrant on skype and send me the following information: Server, I ...


GrantClark209 Founder posted Jan 27, 14
    Hello GlobalCreeper players, I have been thinking roughly about what I want to accomplish and what we are capable of in terms of rising to our full potential. I will first talk about what we should do in terms of a timeline of this server, then how we may accomplish that, and finally, what we can all do to make this happen.

In regards to a timeline of what we could have done to better GlobalCreeper, we can first grow a community. Growing a community is the first steps towards success for this server as a whole. The more people we have, the more donators we have, the better we can improve this server and hopefully in time, servers. With more donators, we can get to places that otherwise would not be possible. But first, in regards to donations, there has been many people expressing that the donations are too overpriced, and I cannot help but agree. I have tried my best to make sure that certain items are only accessible to people who are dedicated enough to the server to not want to harm it. I will do my best to think of ways to improve the ranks, but I would also like to hear what you all would like in terms of items, perks, and cost. After our community has grown to a decent size (about 30-40 people ideally), I would like to look into acquiring a dedicated server. The dedicated server that I have been looking into has 32gb of RAM which is great for 2-4 different packs (possibly). With this server, I would like to create a Monster Pack server and probably one other pack (for the time being) of a pack that you the community can vote on.

This all sounds nice and all, but we are far from this goal as we only have a maximum of maybe 10 people at a time during the height of the day. We need ways to get more people on the server, promote the server, and increase the amount of donations to reach this goal. I have proposed the referral program as a way to get more people on the server, however that has not been working as people have either not participated or have forgotten all about it. I am really stuck on this one because I really have no idea how, other than voting websites, I will get people to join our server. If you have any suggestions, please leave a suggestion below. Voting has been more popular since the change in voting rewards and the monthly voting reward program, but I feel we can all do a lot better, and only a few have really taken the initiative to participate in this program. Donating, as we have discussed before, will be changed as it seems to be failing me. We are running low on funds and it would be a tragedy if I was literally forced to close the server down. I have put a lot of money into the server myself and I only have enough left in my account to support the server for a month, alongside the funds in the PayPal which can support the server for a month as well. I do make money, but I cannot support the server forever. In other words, if we don't get donations in, players in, and voting up, as it stands, we have until April-ish. I am literally desperate for ideas, but keep note that I am not going to unban everything and make, say mining lasers and turtle accessible by donating $10. There needs to be some balance and I am trying my best to work something out. I may come up with a subscription program within donating and have maybe just a few ranks, such as Pro, Pro+, VIP, and VIP+ (note that these ARE examples, not set in stone). 

We need to do this, and I can do this without the help of each and every one of you. Please, if you have ANY ideas, leave them down below. (I have also considered making voting more attractive per say)

Thank you all,

- Grant (GlobalCreeper Owner)
LordSmithy Member something people tend to like is wild warps. aka, warps that take you out about 8,000 blocks from spawn. people also lik ...
raspoutine007 Member ok because nobody do servers with this modpack but there is one only and it is full always
GrantClark209 Founder Would not be a bad idea. I'll keep it in mind. Any ideas on how we can become popular right now though?

Monthly Voting Rewards

GrantClark209 Founder posted Jan 15, 14
It has come to my attention that voting has not been very consistent upon voting. I will be in the next few days, be re-making the voting rewards as it seems that 2 diamonds, $100, and 5 GP claim blocks is a bit too low. But in addition to that, we will now be having a great reward fir the top monthly voter. The following list shows what months will have what rewards. (Votes will finalize on the end of each month at around 6-8pm PST (-8:00 GMT). There is a poll set up in the general section of the forums for which reward you would like to see this month. Thank you all.

- Grant Clark (GlobalCreeper Owner)


GrantClark209 Founder posted Jan 11, 14
So it has come to my attention that graves have been buggy lately and I along with a few others decided to make a poll on which we should use.

With KeepInventory on as a gamerule, you will not lose any items upon death even through lava. However, this makes PvP less intriguing as other players cannot steal your items when they kill you.

However, with graves, you can have PvP and steal items, but there have been reported bugs of people losing all their items in their inventory or no grave will spawn and your items are on the floor. Please vote on the poll in the General section of our forums.
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